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jen is keen on stopping this

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jen does not rhyme with penis
30 October 1985
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Another Long Night in the Office of Dreams

There's a woman I'm in love with, but I forget
what she looks like, so I take out my paintbrushes
and create my image of her.

Your eyes are blue like the morning of going.
Your ears are tender twists of logic. Your thighs
are impossible avenues my car swerves out of control on.

I want to cut the silence with your shoulderblades,
blow moon-shaped kisses to orbit your skull
as you sleep on the highest ledge of my insomnia,

but I'm a broken promise in a pawn shop,
and this is just a secret that happens to involve you.

(j. mcdaniel)

absinthe, ambergris, awful art parties, backwards-rolling waves, bad science-fiction films, beams of light, being depressive, bitchiness, bizarre celebrations, boyeurism, boys with violins, cathexis, chicago river, cinema 16, cinematic snobbery, city lights (film+bookstore), coin-operated boys, conceding to theme, damned ladies of orpheus, days of inspiration, death, delirium, desire, despair, destiny, destruction, dorothy parker, drag queens, dream, erleichda!, f. scott fitzgerald, fairy tales, fireflies, flannery culp, following fish, gene kelly, gertrude stein, glamour, grey skies, harold lloyd, harriet the spy, harrypotter-related literary theory, hating-poe-for-no-reason, hedwig, hemingway's paris, interesting drugs, joan crawford, jonas mekas, kelpies, la vie boheme, le petit prince, le-tourbillon-de-la-vie, lemony snicket, light through ribcages, literary impersonators, literati, lord of the rings, lost generation prophets, luna lovegood, marina towers, mark cohen, maya deren, melodrama, melodramatic emo boys, melony, mismatched socks, mrs. robinson types, neil gaiman, not being hadley hemingway, obscurity, octopus costumes, oscar wilde, our hero, owen meany, people-with-brightly-coloured-hair, pie at 2am, poor poor werther, pretentionalism, pretty boys, pt anderson, quidditch smut, romanticism-with-a-capital-r, ronnie the bear, rufus wainwright, secondhand smoke, self-pity, sentient houses, shadowy mythic figures, silent film, singin' in the rain, sirius black/jayne cobb, sirius lives, slam poetry, stan brakhage, stella, stephin merritt, striped sweaters, switters, the little tramp, the offshore pirate, the one song, the tribune tower, the wretched harmony, the-bomb-that-will-bring-us-together, the-dark-of-the-matinee, the-life-and-death-of-9413, theirloveissocanon, thick stockings, tom robbins, tommy gnosis, train under water, twisted points of view, vague cross-dressing, valerie solanas, well-placed egotism, weltschmerz, white linen sheets, who is sleepy jean?, winter, wishing on dandilions, wrought iron curlicues, zelda sayre fitzgerald

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